Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Exactly a month since she *poof* disappeared... And just like that.. she was back. At least for tonight.

First my requisite apologies for leaving without warning: school work plus lack of sleep was leaving me with very little energy, so I made the decision that something had to give--at least temporarily. Unfortunately, that thing was my beloved daily blogging. But even if it's weekly or monthly, I'll still be popping in to drop off a few pics.

Tonight is a pair of pairs--of legs that is--featured in our cozy living room. These are a couple of iPhone pics, edited with PS Express, of me and Phillip relaxing in our humble abode after a long work week.

I'm a big fan of yesteryear's style--as you may have guessed--I like to call my personal spin on it "Retro-clectic". Just to whet your appetite.. I'm working on some interior decorating updates to our 1940s rental home, and I'll be sharing my favorite vintage finds, thrift decor, and repurposed furniture on the blog soon. Stay tuned!

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