Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally Friday.

Sadly, I missed out on First Friday tonight. Instead, I stayed home with my Nutrition assignment and a slight belly ache. But that's the life for this woman who has been up until after midnight every day this week and who is incredibly excited about sleeping in tomorrow! Who knows? After some decent rest I may even be up to the task of creating some new pictures for tomorrow's post. Check back and see! For now, I leave you with something a little unusual.

The photo above was taken back in 2008, when I had just acquired my first DSLR. I believe I was driving and shooting, as I am apt to do, when I snapped this photo toward the base of the Grapevine (Hwy 99 at I5, headed south). Yes, I know the quality is horrible, but the composition is something I would love to capture again. So even though I cringe at how "noisy" and amateurish it looks, there is something of value in this work. This is me, learning from myself, and encouraging those developing their craft to enjoy their work, their growth, and their creativity--not every photo is perfect, but if you love it, it is worth sharing!

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