Monday, February 7, 2011

Assignment: Low Light

I've been prohibited from taking any new photos for the last few days due to the abundance of homework I've had to do in the evenings. But homework assignments are a good place for me to start this post. A couple of years ago I was taking a Digital Photography course at Bakersfield College, taught by Kris Stallworth. One of our assignments was to take photos in low light. A couple of those photos ended up being used for BC events, but my favorite hasn't been widely shared, so here it is, just for you:

This little guy is actually a pencil sharpener that Phillip bought for me on a trip to Sacramento. He sits cheerfully on my desk at work and keeps me company throughout each work week. In the photo, taken at a slow exposure to capture all the light in the office, my fair robot stands astride a delicate field of gold compact discs. He is quite the retro-futuristic turn-key warrior!

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  1. That is the freaking cutest most adorable robot picture EVER!!! Love it!!