Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FOURsight: Quatrains of Intimate Perception

You didn't think that was it for First Friday did you? Oh no, there's much more in store for visitors to the downtown arts district on the evening of February 4th! What looks to be a gorgeous display of photography is set to open at Metro Galleries at 1604 19th Street. This is the typical "hub" area for First Friday activities so you will definitely want to stop by and check out this exhibit. Expect horizon-expanding, fine art photography; smashing live music featuring Kama Ruby; delicious hors d'oeurvres; and a buzzing crowd. Great shops and eclectic street vendors will surround the gallery so give yourself time to roam and enjoy.

For my random, only-slightly-related photographs of the evening, I have chosen two photos from my 2006 visit to Israel. Since it is my understanding that many of Wooten's photographs are taken in the Middle East, I thought this might be appropriate.