Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finding balance

You may have noticed that my post from yesterday "magically" appeared this evening. That is because I had some technical difficulties and was not able to post last night, so I retro-posted tonight. For the record, there are times when I am working on a post but cannot meet the midnight deadline, which I nonetheless pre-date to continue my once-a-day challenge. Yes, I allow myself cheats--and so should you--because sometimes we don't give ourselves enough breaks and that can cause undue frustration and discouragement.

That being said, giving oneself too many breaks is not such a good thing and I am actively struggling to find the balance between self-moderation and self-indulgence. One area that I'm working on, as I've mentioned before, is my diet. That is to say, my nutrition. In the past I have over-indulged myself by giving in to every fatty craving I desired. But I'm learning that eating good food can be rewarding too. Case in point: Today's lunch. Pizza is one of my favorite dishes, and taking control of toppings and portion-size made it a deliciously healthy one. (It was fun too!)

Mini Boboli crusts and a variety of toppings
Daniel & Savanna, creating their pies



Pepperoni & Cheesey!

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