Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crime Scene Revisited

Surprise--I actually went out and made pictures today!

About a year ago, on a gorgeous, sunny day in Bakersfield, Phillip and I visited some fields on the northeast side of town (my home turf) which appeared to have either once been a housing tract, or which once was going to be a housing tract. Debris left by one-time residents (or nearby neighbors who didn't feel like going all the way to the dump) was scattered over the area. The remainders made for an interesting photo session, and I featured one of the photos, "Crime Scene Barbie" on the January 30th post.

Today we returned on a gloomy, rainy day to revisit the scene. We were surprised to find that some things had changed and more surprised to see that some things hadn't changed all that much. I hope we'll get a chance next year for a return trip to again be able to document the evidence of passing time.

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