Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making do with what's in hand.

A little discouraged that I haven't had time to go out and make "real" pictures, today I decided to stop whining and use what was on hand. Or in hand, rather. That would be my iPhone. So here are a few shots, edited with the Adobe Photoshop Express app, of some things that I found interesting on this lovely Wednesday.

Above is another shot of one of the Recorder's Office cabbages (see post from Jan. 2nd). The light was simply spectacular, so I had to capture it.            

I also found a mossy "runway" and an asymmetrically fallen branch.

Later, my afternoon snack posed for a final portrait.

Also today I was able to steal a few moments on-line to check out some other photography blogs and store up some inspiration. I'm looking forward to trying out some new ideas soon!

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