Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super... foods!

I'm not a big football fan, though I enjoy watching occasional games with Phillip. "His" team, the NY Giants was knocked out of contention some time back, so today's Superbowl left us only mildly curious. We watched the opening (Glee girl, Christina's Star Spangled Banner botch, the coin toss, and first touchdown) but then it was off to do some grocery shopping!

Due in part to the Nutrition class which I am enrolled in this semester, I have taken lately to eating much healthier than I ever have in my life. Growing up, I did not--as a rule--eat vegetables. Well, except for potatoes (any kind but potato salad), corn (but ONLY from a can), and carrots (though never cooked). My tastes are changing, perhaps out of necessity, perhaps out of fear (pushing 40 can bring all kinds of thoughts to one's head), but I am feeling really good: energized and healthier than just a couple of weeks ago. I think I may even be losing weight. If you're struggling with food issues this is just a little encouragement--if I can change after nearly 40 years.. so can you!

A little something delicious that I whipped up for lunch.
Having the rice pre-cooked saved loads of time.
Heaping fruit on top added nutrients & flavor.

The lunch above looked so good I had to take some quick iPhone pics. Yum! A quick, healthy, and delicious lunch!

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