Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shadow Cage-Favorite Photo

As has happened most nights since I began this project, tonight I had no idea what I was going to post. I did go photo-hunting this afternoon, but I didn't really bag the shot I was looking for. Instead I've decided to post the first in a series of favorites that I've taken over the last few years.

I consider 2008 the year I really got serious about photography, and that is the year when I took this shot:

I took the photo in San Francisco, sitting on the benches overlooking the docks behind the Ferry Building. For me, it is an image which I oftentimes feel is autobiographical: A bird which appears to be caged by its own, looming shadow. Can this bird fly? Yes. But does it know it can? We've yet to see. 

[Note: This version is an alternate process from the original which is not desaturated.]

More favorites soon, as well as some new photography!

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