Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Stress Relief

Back to school, once again, for a new semester. I only have another year or so at BC but it has already been a long process.  Looking over my homework tonight I am reminded of how these weeks will stretch out with busyness and yet fly by before I can blink.

Tonight I felt like I needed a little relief so I dug way back into my vault of photos. Although it has only been three years since I began classes, so much has been packed in along the way. I am a different person than the "youthful 36 year old" from the Spring of 2008. 

Looking back through these photos reminds me of a time when experimenting was fun and discovering was play. I like that--and needed the reminder!


  1. Wow! Where was the last picture taken!!??? So beautiful!

  2. I was so happy to run across that photo--I had forgotten it! It was taken in the middle of nowhere, a short way from Rosamond. We should take a day/road trip out there to shoot sometime!