Friday, January 7, 2011

Facing fears

I got home after dusk last night.. just the slightest remaining light left dwindling through the trees. Took this 25-second time lapse shot of the tree in the backyard, then pulled the max out of the red tones in the photo in Lightroom.

The image reminds me of fear, but then I remember that I am working on my fears. I remember that scary things are also prone to beauty--if one looks with the right eyes. My eyes are telling me that red is my favorite color and trees are one of my favorite subjects. No matter how fiery, scary, absurd, and discomforting things may look, there are always simple truths to hold onto.

God. Art. Love.

Gripping and holding tight.


  1. Lissa!! I love this photo!! I love the red!

  2. Thank you Nikke! I understand we share an affinity for photographing trees! :)