Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To the games

I spent some time tonight looking over the past year of photographs... some 10,000 photos or so. It was surprising to me that I couldn't pick a favorite, although many good times were remembered, as well as a few sad times.

However, one photo stood out to me among all the rest--and not because it is a particularly good photo--I just liked what it says: TO THE GAMES.

At the time I took the above photo, some time last January, I had no idea what a crazy year 2010 was going to be. Looking back through the prism of hindsight, this little memo printed on a dilapidated, rural building should have given me some hint that a wild, obstacle course of a year was about to commence.

Noticing the picture tonight, and again reading its message, I have to take heed that it may just be warning me about the next 12 months. So with a deep breath I proclaim: Let the games begin.

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