Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Broken glass memoir

Phillip, my fiance, broke a bowl tonight while washing dishes; I was reminded of a time recently when I did the same thing with a drinking glass. Not wanting to waste this vessel I had owned for roughly 17 years, I decided to take some pictures!

Broken glass is pretty,
Even if its sharp edges,
and tiny shards,
are like shears
against my fingertips

[A reason to take photos of it all:
even the mundane and easily forgotten,
can often be employed as beauty--
a useful memory--on a dull day.]


  1. LOVE these!! It makes me want to break a glass at my house and take photos of it...hehe

  2. Fiancee? About time you made him a honest man!

  3. Nikke--Go for it! ;)

    AndyNoise--Ha!! See the things you learn from blogs..